<a href="">Knackered</a> Scrotum's aren't aesthetically pleasing. They're just not nice to look at; thin skinned hairy parcels which wrinkle and contract at the slightest sign of cold or fright. Membranous tissue which seems to stretch a mile before snapping; no, there is not a lot going for them. Ugly; I readily concede, but they do hold … Continue reading Knackered


Cone Man the Roadman

Right; let me make myself perfectly clear - OCD is no laughing matter! And this post is not intended to poke fun at anyone who has OCD, or offend anyone who knows someone who has. People living with OCD generally have symptoms of obsessions, compulsions,  sometimes both, and these symptoms can interfere with all aspects … Continue reading Cone Man the Roadman

When men were men

In New Zealand, before 1970 men were men and women were grateful. Pakeha New Zealand was barely 100 years old,  the blood of the pioneers persisting, pumping thick and strong. The land was still being tamed;  work needed sinew and muscle not fingers and pens. Apron strings were still heavily tied to the Mother Land … Continue reading When men were men