kate 1
210 days, 6 hours, 7 minutes and 46 seconds
Kate, that’s how long you have been warming my heart, eyes, ears and mind!


  1. lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.

I genuinely believe Merriam Webster, Collins and Oxford all got together one day and defined ‘Sassy’ specifically for you.

Seriously though, please do not get me wrong, this is not a smitten fan mail letter, I am not declaring my undying love for you (even though I am sure an overweight 53 year old married man is exactly  what you are looking for – despite both of us being happily married).

I love your work. The emperor is wearing no clothes and you are brilliant at pointing this out. But the emperor is not going anywhere, not in the immediate future anyway. I know you did not set out to facilitate and accelerate a regime change.  I know your job is not to effect change. However, while the President is free at large to lollop about in the nude; why not change the note from a shrill high E,

omg look at that naked buffoon!’

To a more resonate and deeper Low D Flat?

Why not change the tone from outrage and shock, to one of empowerment, in the hope this may embolden reasonable people, people who may offer an alternative on how reasonable people would act? It’s not your job to enable or manufacture an opposition, however, offering an alternative may be more constructive than constant displays of bewilderment and aghast (although absolutely justified).

I question whether the next 210 days will be more of the same? We know it will be from the Emperor. The season’s will change, the Emperor blow from hot to cold and then back again, but until he is impeached, he will still ramble, stomp and trample naked among the tulips of democracy and righteousness.

But I know from my sporting days, is that if you had a bum referee, you took him him out of the game. You concentrated not on what he was doing – but what you could do. you became positive and he became an irrelevance. For someone who loves the spotlight, for someone who loves media and fake news – being an irrelevance would be a death of a 1000 cuts. Me thinks anyway.

Anyway Kate, keep up the good work. Keep being sassy and fighting the good fight. But as I say, maybe time to pick up a new tool! After all, the voice of one should never be underestimated and it often grows exponentially into something very special.

Note: I have shared the musical clips in this post from Christopher Bill’s you tube channel. Chris is a talented young musician from Binghampton in the United States; he has been an inspiration to me as I undertake my own trombone journey – I have included these clips not as a political statement, nor a reflection of Chris’s views, but simply because of his talent and the joy his music brings to me. I thoroughly recommend you check him out.  


Kia Ora




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