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Blue eyes – clear and pure. 

Like a freak; this week, I have been examining eyes. Not in the way of an Optometrist or Doctor, more like a Scientist or an Artist. I have asked family members, friends and work colleagues to let me look directly into their eyes. Weird I know, and I did receive some funny confused looks. But this study has has been incredibly valuable.

You should try yourselves.

Here’s what I learnt.

Legs, chests and bums are very attractive and appealing of course, but they have nothing on eyes. Eyes seem to stimulate my heart, tickle the blood and trigger a deep emotive response. Eyes scream intimacy and purity.

My personal favourite colour is brown, very closely followed by green then blue. But really, any coloured eye is fine by me.

This week I focused on eyes only; not hair, eyebrows, facial expressions, makeup or skin. I learnt eyes are great levelers – even the scuzziest people can have lovely eyes. And some people deemed good looking can actually have only pretty average eye attractiveness.

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Green eyes – dangerous and exciting

Despite romanticists claiming eyes are gateways to the soul (I also used to genuinely believe this), I did not sense or receive any personal revelations or deeper understanding into the person I was studying. Afterward, I did not feel I knew them any better, however, on one or two occasions, my heart did momentarily flutter even though I had not previously found that person attractive.

So what is it about eyes?

One of my colleagues had her eyes checked earlier this week (which actually triggered this silly exercise and investigation). The thing is though, I had already checked out her eyes and they appeared perfectly fine to me.

Eyes perform many functions, they dress and balance the face, they capture images, provide information and convey emotion. But perhaps the most underrated function is that they reaffirm and advertise the natural beauty of all of us.

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Brown eyes – deep and warm

Someone once suggested many years ago in a very famous book that we are created in God’s image, and if that is the case, then one day I will look forward to gazing into God’s eyes and studying them too.

But before then, I am going to give eyes a lot more attention here on earth. Because to me they are like fine works of art, and you can never get sick of looking at them.

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I bet you focused on the eyes – he he he

(Gauguin – my fav – and my eyes did divert from the face)

Kia Ora




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