The Mod Father

I was saddened this week to learn of the death of NZ’s Mod Father; Ray Colombus.

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Ray and his band, the Invaders were the first NZ act to have an international number one hit with the song;

‘She’s a Mod.’

I was lucky enough to meet Ray once.  At the time I was part of the North East Christchurch Road Rats (NECRR). At that time he was the  host and the big star of very popular Variety Show called That’s Country.

Ray actually approached us after hearing our scooters being parked outside a local cafe. Seeing we were ‘Mods’he strode across to our group and introduced himself (he needed no introduction of course).  We were aghast, Ray was the real deal, the original!

Ray appeared genuinely interested in the second Mod Revival when he could have easily treated us as poseurs. I have subsequently learnt since his death, Ray was a great supporter of youth and mentored many young Christchurch (and NZ) acts onto bigger and better things.

Ray, to me, it was 3 minutes in person not vinyl that you proved what a outstanding guy you were. Ray you will never be forgotten, becuase how could anyone forget a song like this:

Ray was the real deal. Of course everyone only ever remembers ‘Until we kissed’ and ‘She’s a Mod’ but if you have the time please check out his back catalogue. Songs like ‘Yo Yo’ and ‘Kick Me’ are forgotten classics.

Ray’s death has stirred up memories of my time as a mod. So I have decided to reprise a post I made to this blog last year.

Kua hinga te totara i te wao nui a Tane

Kia Ora Roly

2 thoughts on “The Mod Father

  1. That was good I enjoyed that and do I remember the Road Rats ??  I heard them coming well before they arrived all these Mods dressed appropriately or as a mother unapropriately roaring up on their Mopeds elder son dying with embarrassment “you have to do something about this Mum” youngest son so overexcited wanting to join up running beeping the horns begging for a ride those were the days😁  When Shona & I arrived in Christchurch we met Ray he used to sit in the pew right in front of us at Mass on Sunday nights & from memory went to the dance after Mass at the School Hall & then Saturday nights the Copper Cat …good times

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