Ice cream and pretty young women

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It was a hot Sunday morning so I decided to venture into town. I walked down the Hill to Black Cat so I could buy an Ice cream and catch the bus. Sitting under the shady canopy of the bus stop was an old man. I smiled as I approached him and said ‘Gidday.’ I took the seat beside him.


‘Ice creams; pretty young women wearing short skirts, musk and pearls. These are things I should have had more of. Things, I wish I had had more of,’the old man said without warning.

‘Er…okay, I replied awkwardly, turning to the old man who was now sucking air and looking skyward.

‘It’s too late for many more pretty young things; although the dreams remain. But ultimately they are just memories and sighs. They are just the lusty chains of regret haunting my mind. The rattling and clanking reminding me that once I was not an ageing man with a paunch and dirty mind. That once upon a time, pretty young women would like being caught in the gaze of my eye. Now, mostly I just frighten them.’

I felt uncomfortable, unable to think of anything to say, I licked my ice cream and nodded.

‘Morals, loyalty and respect. They are values to be cherished for sure, tenets to base one’s life upon. But by jeez, just once, wouldn’t it be good to be released from these lusty chains,to be freed to over indulge and give in to the temptation of a new flavour, or to try a waffle cone?’

‘I guess,’ I shrugged, wishing he would shut up.

‘Gelato!’ He exclaimed slapping his knees with enthusiasm, ‘now that’s something, I’ve always wanted to try. The fruitier the better; the sweeter the juice, the more succulent the flesh don’t they say?

I pretended I didn’t hear, looked at my watch and wished the bus would come.


‘I like em fit, with a good body, they gotta have some body to them, something to grab a hold of.

That was it for me.

‘That’s enough Dad.’ I said firmly. ‘You’re a disgusting filthy old man, there’s something innately wrong with you! And what Nenita see’s in you besides your money just befuddles me. And what, prey-tell would possess you to bring over a 21 year old Filipino mail order bride?’

‘I know you were lonely after Mum left, and I know we only live once, but don’t you see, people are laughing at you? They think you’re a pervert. She’s younger than me for fuck’s sake.’

‘Son,’ Dad interrupted, his hands gesturing, trying to placate me. ‘Son,’ he said. ‘Your ice cream is melting all over your hand. Too much talking, too much judging, perhaps you might need to get another one – this time maybe try another flavour.

LOL!!! :)

Kia Ora Roly


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