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adj.mist·i·er, mist·i·est

1. Consisting of or marked by mist: a misty rain; a misty night.

2. Obscured or clouded by or as if by mist: far-off, misty mountains.


a. Vague; hazy: a misty recollection of a dream.

b. Full of tender emotion; sentimental: a love story that left us feeling misty and sad.


Like my head, this morning dawned misty. The bay disguised beneath a saturated grey

blancmange of cloud. Mountains, what mountains? The range still there stark but

invisible, and loving it. It seems even mountains don’t like to be looked at all the time.

The day is suiting my mood – misty.


I’ve been thinking.

You know, it barley seems a skip and a jump from being here and not being here. And the

reality is heaven has only ever been a heartbeat away. Always has been and always will be.

But I don’t live in fear – not many of us do.

I’m not feeling morbid or moribund, I’m just kinda feeling misty.

The forecast is that the cloud will lift about midday, the sun will come out again.

Sparkling rays will  glint off the snow covered peaks beyond the bay, drying the damp and

warming the land.


When the cloud lifts, people will scurry about again, attending to their weekend chores,

going about their business, busying themselves with life and loved ones. They will soon

forget about the morning mist, they would rather talk about the sun-shine.


That’s life – not many of us can be misty all the time. And thank God for that.

But today, despite the predicted sun, I will remain misty. It’s my choice; it’s  an

indulgence I know, but to enjoy tomorrow, to really savoir and revel in its glory, I need to

imbibe and absorb this mornings mist. I find it cleansing and liberating. And I really need

the space to remember, not to forget.


Evidently blue is the most popular colour in the world. That says a lot.

Yes, I’m feeling misty today and I’m very happy sitting here just examining the grey.

The forecast tomorrow is fine – it should be a perfect day!

That’s what happens when the mist clears.


Kia Ora


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