The wonderful world of fried chicken

Remember the good old days?

Days when calories disappeared into the ether rather than gravitating toward the gut, butt or hips. Days when KFC had the veracity and audacity to call themselves Kentucky Fried Chicken.  They were like life – what you saw is what you got. KFC did what it said on the label. You had to lick the grease right off those little pinkies! And by God – didn’t it taste good!

Life seemed simpler then, the health food section of most supermarkets comprising of apples oranges and bananas. There was no international food section, a six monthly treat of grabbing a ‘Chinese’ was as exotic as it got – apart from my Mothers never ending supply of Bran Muffins of course. I was healthier then, my bowels were working perfectly and I spent a lot of my teenage years sitting on the toilet; before racing back to the kitchen to have another muffin (it was only when I was a young adult that the relationship between Bran and toilet became evident to me!)

Yes, Bran Muffins, Fruit, the occasional Chinese and Fried Chicken! Then chuck into the mix the Kiwi staples of potato, peas, carrots, meat, cheese and bread and  Fish and Chips you had the ultimate Kiwi diet. Pineapple and cheese cakes were trundled out  for Christmas’s and Birthdays only.

Bran Muffins

Yep, I remember the good days; days when google was a fish with a funny eye.  When Facebook  was a  photographic journal that detectives kept their mug shots in. When stress was something only adults had.

Today, I am going to travel back in time. Today, I am going to treat the family to KFC and I might even  make some Bran Muffins for Maddie to take to School.

Remember the good old days ?

I do!

Kia Ora





3 thoughts on “The wonderful world of fried chicken

  1. It was always such a treat as a kid to make our monthly after church trek to KFC. My brother and I used to dream about climbing up into the giant bucket. And thos little golden rolls…..I do like bran muffins too.

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    • Yes, would love to swim in that bucket! The rolls were so soft, sweet and warm, I’m starting to salivate just thinking about them. In NZ they also had pottles of creamy mashed potato and thick rich gravy (do they have them in The States?) Warm Bran muffins with lashings of butter can’t be beaten. I hope my doctor doesn’t read this.

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  2. Oh yes. I always craved the mashed potaoes when I was sick, like comfort food. No gravy for me though. I added extra butter. They didn’t have bran muffins but I love oat bran muffins. Those are good for you! 😉👏🏻


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