The hopelessness of words

Picture by Ryan McGuire

There are times when words are almighty, powerful, poignant and appropriate. And there are so many too chose from. As at January 1, 2016  the Global Language Monitor estimated the number of words in the English language at 1,035,877.3. 

But there are times when words are useless, pathetic; times when a clever and comprehensive vocabulary serves no purpose. Sometimes silence surpasses the power of written and spoken word. And this week has been one of those times.

This week has been a time for reflection and this weekend will be a time of silent celebration. Metaphorically, I will pulling a pint of Guinness, laying back in my chair with a tear in my eye and beaming smile remembering all the  craic.

I’ll also be thinking of a cherished grandmother in hospital and a life well lived.

If my words fail me Tony and Eunice, it is only because they hurt so much to think and speak.

Kia Ora and blessings.






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