The Power of Words

Imagine if words lived!

Imagine if they breathed, had their own lives and could tell their own stories.

That they didn’t need the artificial constructs of human intelligence and imagination to assemble and order themselves.

Humans are constructed via DNA, words are constructed via letters – singular pieces of information or code when brought together create magic, harmony and beauty.


But what happens to all the words that don’t conform, the words who will never make a dictionary, simply because their code is jumbled, or their order is all wrong?

Words like:

Cajunctabke or fwert?

Some will say these words are hideous and should be hidden away forever, that they are mistakes and make the world a messier place.

I disagree.

All words are precious and the world doesn’t need to be an homogenized, sterilized and precise place.  So the next time you see a word that doesn’t quite fit, or a word that seems wrong – think before you castigate, after all it isn’t their fault their code doesn’t create the same aesthetic or is not as melodic as others. Because, after all words have lives and feelings too, and some words can hurt badly!

Of course the converse also applies – don’t treat people like, or just as words!

SOOCERR!                       RAYCKING

Disabled men playing soccer       specialneedsinspiration


kIA oRA rOlY

Photo credits to:

  • The Share Space
  • Future Living Org – Australia
  • APHA – Americian Public Health Assn



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