The Opera Singer – A 9 word aria

opera singer

This very short post should be read 9 times consecutively. It should be also be read in conjunction with the following piece of music being played as loud as your kit will allow. In doing that you may get a very small sense of what it is like to live with depressive psychosis brought on  by a Bi-polar episode.

When your’e in this space, idea’s become muddled, things sound the same but somewhat different, the same thoughts and other stray randoms race about inside you head. You are not sure whether things make sense – but you don’t trust your judgement. You just want the fat lady to stop singing.

So, I also challenge you to think of more than 9 words while reading and listening, and then try and tell a story or write a poem. It’s almost downright impossible.

Stop the Fat lady singing


left yesterday

took her things

she’s not coming back



she’s coming back!

yesterday’s gone, not her things


She’s left her yesterdays


things not coming back!


She’s not gone

left her things

yesterday’s coming back



Kia Ora Roly




5 thoughts on “The Opera Singer – A 9 word aria

  1. But why would you want her to stop singing? Beautiful voice and being able to control ones voice is art ❤ (To me my depressions would feel much more like some bad done but unstoppable rap song ^^ – even though I am sure that it is art in some way as well… just not art I like…)

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    • Hi Schanauzevoll – thank you for you comments. Yes the singing is a delight to start off with – but then it goes on and goes on and never stops – too much of a good thing is not good! Then there is always the danger she might turn sinister – still I’m with you good opera singing is far better than bad rap! Take care


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