Memory Man – I can be a super hero too!

For Kate and Maddie.

Am I taking things too simplistically?

It couldn’t be that easy, could it,…surely not?

Have I really discovered the meaning or secret of life, or am I just deluded, or even better, insane?

I’m not a great sleeper often lying awake for hours thinking about my problems, my family’s problems and of course the worlds problems.

How will my meeting with my Boss go, how can I provide more support to Kate, what if Trump gets elected, what will that mean for the US and the world?

Anyway, I got thinking the other night about what you leave after you shed your mortal coil. What of any value will remain after you die? I quickly determined that the only thing worth leaving, the only thing that will last are the memories you make and share with other people, pure and simple.

Money will be spent, money will be lost or accrue, assets will pass from hand to hand, deteriorate, be lost or be sold. Values and morals are a personal choice and can change quickly given pressure and circumstance. Customs and traditions are societal and of course largely built upon collective memories.

Religion and spirituality excluded, Agnostics and Atheists still need a raison d’être, and could this be to leave memories in the minds of those you love? Indeed, propagation of the species fills a biological need, but not everyone neither wants nor can have children. What’s left for these people? Memories; surely it must be it!

Memories can either be good or bad, preferably good. And I know that when I curl my toes for the last time the list of good positive memories I have shared with people will far outweigh the negative, or at least I hope they will.

But now, from here on in I will be much more conscious about the memories I am making and sharing, and it’s more than just being and living in the moment, its more than just making a bit more of an effort, yes, it will be much more than that.

So, dim the lights, crank up the orchestra, train the spot light because here’s

Memory Man!




Whenever, you need someone to wrap loving arms around you, I will try and be that person.

Whenever, you need someone to fall over, hurt himself and crack everyone up then please let me be that person.

Whenever, you ever need someone to just sit with you, or watch you play at the park and buy an ice cream afterwards, then I’m that man.

Whenever, I need to get cross and tell you off, please always remember it is always done out of love.

Always remember that when you live with me, you will live with no fear.

And never forget that the I love I have for you is unconditional and will always be there.

I will always love and remember you always.

Kia Ora Roly




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