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You don’t hear about, or see many Transgender Elves. Excuse the cliche, but we tend to get hidden away in closets. By nature Elves are already androgynous but sometimes the DNA goes too far, it gets muddled and confused.

And Elves like me are the result.

I was born in the boughs of a Southern Catalpa Tree in the spring of the year of the Glade Lilly.

My father was delighted, ‘look he’s a strapping Elf,’ he exclaimed as I arrived.

”No no,’my mother quickly corrected, ‘no she is an Elf Maiden, look!’

They both looked then shook and scratched their head’s.

‘It’s both,’ they chimed together, ‘oh dear!’

My father call’s me Moss, my mother calls me Fern, everyone else just calls me Shelf.

Despite commonly held beliefs Transgender Elves are extroverted, life for me is very insular. We tend to keep to ourselves, shunned by other Elves and mistrusted by Elf Maidens we live a lonely existence on the outskirts of the Forest.

I live in Apple Blossom Forest which is very small, so gossip and innuendo travel quick. If I could get a job I would move to the National Forest Park upstate as that is huge and there are many more Elves just like me. I could find friendship, acceptance and understanding.

I went for a job interview the other day, and an old Elf called Diesel Wood looked at me and said.’Well this isn’t going to work is it? Just look at you, you’re a disgrace!

So for the moment I am stuck, and that’s the way it’s been for me for all my life. Neither one nor the other; I am who I am and nothing I can do will ever change that.

When other Elves see me their minds and eyes immediately drill below my belt. They focus on questions of gender, genitalia and sexuality, not me as an Elf. It’s pretty sad, and to be honest I am too.

So the next time you see a Transgender Elf, keep your eyes and minds above the belt and focus on the Elf within. I think you will be incredibly surprised by how lovely, gentle, tolerant and kind we can be.

Thanks Shelf


Kia Ora Roly




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