Look Mum no hands!

Do race car drivers ever get sick of going around the same track, lap after lap?

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In New Zealand and Australia race tracks have a bit of character, they weave left to right, up and down across and back, each track seeming to have at least one little nook or cranny to kept the driver alert and interested.

In America of course its NASCAR, and from what I’ve seen of their tracks they seem very circular, very precise and uniform. Now I’m not knocking NASCAR, it is huge, the vehicles amazingly powerful and fast and the drivers incredibly brave.


Ask any race car driver, NASCAR or not and they will tell they never get sick of racing. Every minute, every second of every lap there’s something to do, something to think about. Even if is the 72nd lap of the race they never get bored, every lap they simply seek to go around more quickly than the last time.

Life’s like that isn’t it.

We all circle around the race track of our lives, some tracks are featureless, some more complex, but eventually we all tend to end up in the same place every now and then. We all get a chance to go around to go around again, a chance to not make the same mistakes, a chance to go faster, more efficiently.


And just to confuse things, everyone we know has their own race track. Once again some are complex, some aren’t. And that’s cool – its awesome to watch other people and how they attack their track. Some are like lunatic’s hurling themselves breakneck speed into the bends. Others are more pedantic and sedate, preferring to go around in style and comfort.

The older we get the complex our tracks become. The intersections and junctions of our tracks with other peoples tracks are fraught with danger, a recipe for disaster, car crashes occur regularly. Look out – you need to vigilant, need to be wary. One foot on the accelerator, the other on the brake!

Kate’s not really racing at the moment, her car needs a bit of work, she’s running a bit rough. So yesterday, I helped push into her the garage. The mechanic reckons she was running on empty, needed a top up, a bit of a tune up, some new rings and shockies. Other than that she’s fine, just needs to go slow for a bit.


With that news some race drivers might be tempted to take off again and get back into the race, but I’m not like that. So here I am back at the start/go line, back to the beginning, waiting for Kate to be wheeled out of the pits.I’m not sure how long I’ll be stationary for, or how long it will take Kate to get back up to full speed.

But no worries, because by jeeze I learnt a lot going around last time. And I’m looking forward to hitting the straight with Kate again, side by side, pressing the pedal to the metal and seeing how far and fast we can go this time round.


Kia Ora Roly






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