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In response to the The Daily Post’s prompt – Toot your Horn

Some view their bodies as temples. A vessel steering them toward sanctification. Shrines requiring worship; sacrifices to be paid, suffering, fasting and flagellation to be endured on their journey toward eternity.


Some view their intelligence as a means toward salvation. With broader deeper knowledge and understanding; questions of faith become a simple matter of fact not belief.


Me, well in the words of the immortal James Brown I’m more of a soul man. I feel things.

Similar in a way to Cole Sear in The Sixth Sense who famously said, ‘I see dead people.’

I don’t see dead people though, but I do sense peoples pain, I understand their motivations and can contextualize their actions and situations they find themselves in. I sound arrogant – I know I do. I sound narcissistic, I sound like some omnipresent wanker with a highly inflated view of himself and his talents.

worried girl

But I’m not – I’m just a writer.

To be honest, looking beneath the skin, beyond the body; understanding the minds and souls of people can be tiresome. In fact, it can be exhausting. And because I can easily see inside other people, I keep a locked box of me – of my essence – hidden away in the deepest part of me. No one can see it – no one is allowed too, I’m way too selfish for that.

A curse it maybe, but it is also treasure that enables me to conjure up the most believable characters and stories.

See told you I was arrogant.

Will my ability to understand people; my ability to empathize get me a pass to heaven? Probably not – but at least I will have spent my time on earth wisely – studying and investing time in the most complex, wonderful and equally awful creatures that have ever evolved.

Mind, bodies and soul.


Kia Ora Roly



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