Sense Accentuation

I love silence.

While my wife uses sound as a distraction and for relaxation; me,  well I’m more of an ambient man.

Often Kate will ask me, ‘I don’t know how you can just sit there with no radio, no music, or T.V?’ Of course my response is exactly the opposite.

‘Kate, I don’t know how can you can sit there  with a  constant racket in the background.’


When I say I love silence, that isn’t exactly true, because for me there is no such thing as silence.

When you think you are surrounded by silence, when you can’t hear anything at all, all you need to do is listen, you need to tune in and life will quickly unfold before your ears!

I’m currently sitting at the kitchen table – just me; Maddie is in her room, Kate having a Sunday lie in. It’s just me! When I got up this morning the first thing I did was open the ranch slider doors to our deck. We live on a hill so our deck overlooks Tahunanui below, Nelson Bay and the mountains beyond.


Over the last hour, so called sitting in silence, I have been entertained and inspired far more satisfactorily than through T.V. or Radio; by the following:

  • The constant clicking of a million cicada’s
  • The occasional roar of a distant truck changing down gears as it approaches the Tahunanui turnoff on Sate Highway 6.
  • A far off Bell Bird ringing around his mates to see what they are up this fine Sunday morning.
  • Airplanes throttling up their engines, preparing to take off from Nelson Airport some 3km distant.
  • A church bell beckoning lost and found souls, but in no way sounding as tuneful and inviting as the Bell Bird.
  • I’ve heard a baby cry and an argument between it’s parents.Evidently, it was Dad’s turn to change the nappy, but perhaps he had too many beers watching the Basketball last night, which had given him temporary amnesia.
  • I’ve heard a dog barking, perhaps telling off one the hundreds of domestic cats which live in our neighborhood.

Now you might be thinking I live in a noisy neighborhood, but I don’t. Most visitors comment on how quiet peaceful and serene our property is.


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Silence -bah humbug!

Just close your eyes, open you ears and listen. And very soon you will be immersed in a orchestra of life, an ongoing story with thousands of lives, characters and animals, all singing in chorus to their hearts content from so many different hymn sheets.

Who needs T.V. or radio to enjoy that?

Kia Ora Roly











3 thoughts on “Sense Accentuation

  1. I have times when both scenarios work for me. My husband loves having the tv on all the time. I don’t care for that. Music is for when I have chores to do and need to get pumped. But when the distracting noises aren’t there I feel time slow down and my mind becomes so clear and relaxed. I can hear God when all the other noise stops.😊


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