Dancing with the Devil

Have you ever had sudden unexpected urges to be dastardly and evil?

I have!

Do you ever feel as though you could murder someone?

I do!

Have you ever wondered which part of the brain these urges come from and which part filters the violent thoughts from action?

Just last night, lying in bed, Kate was explaining to me what she wanted to achieve this weekend. As she spoke, all I was thinking was, ‘you know it would be quite easy to strangle you.’

I remember being late for an appointment, foot traffic was busy, the footpath (pavement) was crowded. I was held up by an old man doubled over with scoliosis. He shuffled along slowly, while I was trying to skip past. He used a walking stick and all I could think as he held me up was kicking out the stick from under him and then pushing him over.


I sound like a right bastard don’t I? But the thing is – I’m not (at least I don’t think I am). I’ve talked to other people about this and they too have these sudden unexpected urges. What is that about?

Believe me I am so pleased I never pushed that youth off the platform in front of that speeding train. And o f course, I am so pleased I never drew my stumpy fingers around Kate’s elegant and slender neck.


I am so pleased that filter bit in the brain is still working, I honestly dread to think what could happen if it suddenly stopped.

Do I worry about these urges? No

Do I want them to stop? Hell no! Its not as though I get them regularly.

And you see, for while I’m still getting these urges, it feels like I am dancing with the devil – and I love that.

Your lead – Beelzey!


Kia Ora





One thought on “Dancing with the Devil

  1. I get those fleeting images, too. I guess we all do. I attribute my calm, non-violent demeanor to my ever-vigilant inner traffic cop who is quick to pull over such misanthropic thoughts before they can cause trouble.

    Here’s hoping that guy never takes a donut break.

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