When the words don’t come…


I’ve been staring at the monitor for over an hour now, although I haven’t even touched the keyboard yet. Normally, I have at least 3 or 4 options for the topic of my weekend blog. Idea’s that have either been conjured up or miraculously appear out of thin air during the week. This week – well, the well appears to be dry!

But is it?

Even now after writing the opening paragraph (which was oh so hard to start believe me) words are coming more easily. Idea’s are are starting to flow. Many writers don’t believe in ‘writers block’ and I too prescribe to this way of thinking. Others, the majority – will also add though, that there is no point in writing if you have nothing to say. Superb sentence construction means diddly when your your writing for the sake of it – and I fear I’m doing that now!

So what is one to do?


Choice Point

Write some meaningful or stop.

Oh dear Lord – how I would have loved to stop! Really, I came this close to posting what I had and shutting down. What made me stop was the thought about how I would have cheated my readers out of a minute of their lives. A minute they would never get back, a minute they could have been doing something far more productive.

This idea, has now provided me a topic for today’s post – I knew I would get there eventually!

Do writers and bloggers ever consider the investment of time that their readers will make checking out their blog?

I don’t think we do. I think bloggers post for many different reasons and most of these are not altruistic.

As a consequence of blogging, I read a lot of blogs. And there are so many great ones out there. But giving these some thought now, the ones that I like best are ones which set out to give me something, whether it be humour, knowledge, entertainment, enlightenment, a new perspective. The post’s I don’t like as much, are those that dive deep into feelings. and thoughts of the writer, those that have no interest in me as a reader. The self centred indulgent ones.

So, in conclusion dear reader, I apologise in advance if I have wasted a few minutes out of your day. However, while it took some time to get there, there is an important message in today’s blog, and it is one which I will be using in my future posts to ensure you receive a greater return on your investment.


PS: Other bloggers may be tempted at this point to cut out the first few paragraphs of this post. As they are of course now redundant – however, I have chosen to retain them as a demonstration of how I overcome writers block. The answer to the question – how do you overcome writers block – is of course to write.





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