Can’t Stand Me

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In response to the Daily Posts prompt:

What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?


I’m a seriously big guy – broad of shoulder, thick chested, a neck like a short iron rod. My legs muscular and powerful. When fit (which is not all that often over recent times), and if I lost some weight – I would still cut an impressive physique – it was something I spent many years developing, training and playing competitive rugby from the age of 5 through until I was 40.

I like most of my body – although my legs are somewhat shorter than they should be, and I would like my neck to be a little bit longer as well. But overall it’s a good body which has served me well. However, there is one  part I don’t like and that is my voice.

david beckham

My voice is low but soft – but there is no David Beckham syndrome going on here thank you very much. My wife say’s I mutter – but I don’t – its just that I cant seem to generate a lot of power behind my voice. There is actually a medical/physical reason for this:

Blunt Trauma to the Larynx and Trachea: caused through contact sport. So as much as I would want to sound like Brian Blessed or Simon Callow – and as much as my body size warrants it – it ain’t never gong to happen. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been wacked on the Adam’s Apple. It can be bloody painful and can cause lasting damage.

brian blessedSimon-Calllow-portrait-square-crop-500px

When I try to generate power in my voice – it quickly becomes hoarse and strained. It becomes painful to speak if I try to speak at volume. People often ask me if I have cold because I sound croaky – it is easier to say yes rather than try to explain that I always sound like this. Trying to talk in noisy environments is almost impossible for me – so I try to avoid them.

If you wonder what I sound like – take a listen to this – this is Darren Lockyer a very famous rugby league player who also has suffered Blunt trauma to his larynx –  thankfully for me and unfortunately for him his injury was more significant than mine.

So the next time you converse with someone whose voice doesn’t quite match their body – there’s probably a perfectly good reason behind it – and it isn’t a cold!

If you have been affected by blunt trauma to the larynx , or by this story, then please send a donation to my charity – I wish I had a better voice. Which aims to educate spouses and provide loud speakers and amplifiers for ex rugby and rugby league players.












3 thoughts on “Can’t Stand Me

  1. I feel ya. I have to work to make my voice “soft” like other “girls”. It isn’t deep or whiny, just not “soft”. People think women should have these sing songy soft voices and mine just isn’t that way. Hey, maybe we could start a support group….😉

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    • Hehehe – I think we should – a damn fine idea! We could call it Raspers, Ranters and Rapscallions! Our tag line could be: From Fog Horns to Fairy Whisperers we can smooth things out.

      Seriously though, people do seem to have expectations when it comes to voice – its strange when you think about it.

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  2. Yes, it’s very curious really. My son’s friends used to love talking with me and my boys snapped to when I called them in for the night. But it is usually other women that just turn off when I open my mouth at times. I like that group idea. Ha!

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