What I did last weekend


In response to the Daily Post’s prompt –

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.


It goe’s without saying that the third weekend of the year has been the graveyard of many an aspiring leisure seeker.

Fresh energy and attitude, spiky rawness and the pure unadulterated joy of the new year are long gone and passe by the 16th of January! And while acceptance of the second weekend can be generously counted upon; come the third weekend in January people are expecting more. It is a make or break weekend – a weekend to separate boys from men.

This is why I believe ‘Last Weekend’ fails to deliver – on every level!

Right from the opening ‘shut-up cat – I’m lying in,’ to the closing ‘suppose I better do the ironing,’ we are assaulted and insulted by cliche after cliche. Even the jaunty, ‘Can’t be arsed to clean the toilet,’ couldn’t save this train wreck of a weekend.

Where is the excitement?
Where is the fun?

Where is the originality you obviously possess; the play them really loud classics from the first weekend of the year, like, ‘do you like my lopsided side burns, and I’ve lost my bloody shoes again,’ can’t easily be overlooked nor forgotten.

Unfortunately the only thumping headache I got from this weekend was ear-ache from lying down on the couch. Please Mr Andrew’s, if the disco inspired, ‘getting down to the supermarket,’ is the best you can do then please give us mercy and stay there!

I would only recommend ‘Last Weekend, if you are into boredom and drudgery and get your kicks from cortisone injections and root canal’s.

Kia Ora


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