Santa wasn’t the only visitor this Christmas!

While I was glazing and baking the Xmas Ham – something special was happening less than 2km down the road! As much as I enjoy cooking, I know whether I would rather have been!
A pod of orca livened up Christmas Day for some Nelson paddleboarders.
We are truly blessed living in Nelson.
Then the day after Boxing Day, my family and I went for a walk and paddle along the beach. Amongst the summer throng and fun,  the Christmas Day presents; the sunscreen and screams; seemingly unseen by the holiday makers, I witnessed a pair of White-Fronted Terns dive bombing baby Tarakihi  between the  bathers, then re-emerging with tasty fishy morsels held fast within their beaks.
white fishing
The Terns beauty, speed and agility, their bravery and keen eyes are all things to be jealous off. Getting to hang about at the beach all day, day after day, can’t be too bad either – but what makes me really jealous is their fishing prowess.
My feeble fishing attempt the very next day resulted in the following scoreboard.
White-Fronted Tern’s  – 48 Kahawai
Orca                                      – 25 Stingray
Bloated Kiwi Man         –  0 Kahawai, Stingray, Herring, Guppy, Snapper 0r Orca                                                                                                                      although quite please about that)
Happy Holidays
Kia Ora Roly

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