This is a very simple quick snap – point and shoot picture taken on our Labour Day long Weekend. We travelled down from Nelson to Christchurch to see family.

Its not a particularly good photo – but lovely none the less.

It’s of a small family enjoying fun time with the kids in a park on a lovely sunny Sunday.

I imagine there would of been hundreds of similar pic’s taken all around Christchurch, New Zealand and the world on this very day.

But as I took the photo, I thought to myself – actually no – this is not a simple shot, It is in fact its bloody complex. For in this photo you will see:

  • 1 son
  • 1 grandson
  • 1 nephew
  • 1 grandmother
  • 2 sisters
  • 2 wives
  • 2 mothers
  • 3 daughters
  • 3 nieces
  • 3 aunty’s

19 roles for 4 people!

And this does not include roles as a friend, work colleague, school mate, playschool buddy and relationships with everyone else who couldn’t fit into this photo!

We all have roles, and they are not simple; but to me it seems we take them for granted. I’m not saying as humans we neglect our roles, but I am saying is that we often fail to acknowledge all the different parts, sides and relationships we share. Understanding these relationships is something that I’ve always been fascinated in.

As Humans we weave a complex web of relationships and now thanks to this simple, uncomplicated pic, I have a deeper awareness of them.

I’d be really interested to learn of other roles you may play?

Kia Ora


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