Nelson Masked Parade

Last night Kate and I went to the Nelson Masked Parade. Nelson and Richmond has a combined population of only 70,000 people – so to have over 3,000 people participating in the parade is a big deal. Our daughter Maddie was participating so we had a fantastic excuse to go.

parade 4

This years theme was ‘The world of books.’

Entries included:

  • Harry Potter
  • The Cat in the hat
  • The giant caterpillar
  • Where the wild things are
  • The Lorax
  • Willy Wonka
  • The magic school bus – and so many more!

parade 2

Due to shade, sun and general ineptitude with a  camera, my photo’s were not of sufficient quality to include within this post, so I have used official photo’s from last years event.

As you have probably already deduced – the parade is largely focused on the young people of our region.


What a wonderful event!

As a spectacle it was spectacular as a it was entertaining. But the best thing to me – was seeing the kids getting to express themselves.

I came to the conclusion last night that children don’t really need a mask. For adults a mask is an ingenuous device of anonymity, a cloak and cheats ways of acting in ways that do not come naturally.Its a tool. In my view, for children, whether they were wearing a mask or not, did not matter. They were being themselves and most were having fun.

A mask didn’t stop some young paraders sucking their thumbs, it didn’t stop others from holding each others hands so tightly I’m sure their arms ached when they finally got home. It didn’t stop they shy ones from holding onto their teachers or mothers skirts. Nor did it stop other children whose natural exuberance and enthusiasm shone way more than their colourful masks.

As an event it was fabulously rich and vibrant and the masks were amazing!

I am thinking that next year the organisers can maybe hold a parade exclusively for adults – call it the Nelson Unmasked Parade. Oh my God, what a dreadful thought – although I wonder how many entrants and spectators it will attract?

worst parade

Here’s how our local Newspaper The Nelson Mail reported it.

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