The Miscarriage of Duty – part 7

Suck up the pain fella
Be there for her and her grief
She needs you

Wrap your loving arms around her
Bracing, strong and warm
Smile a timid reassuring smile
Just sit and stay a while
Tell her it’s ok
Tell her you’re there for her
Give her space to grieve
Giver her grace to weep

Mate, sponge her tears and pain away
Be strong for her
She needs you

She will go off
She will talk to her mum
And hang with her mates
But she’ll want you at home
You need to tell her some answers
Even though there are none
You know it’s worse for women
It’s something Men can’t understand

So suck it up boyo
Nought to be gained from pity and pain
She needs you

There is no conspiracy of silence here
Its just the way things are done
Sure you may have lost a daughter or a baby son
But dreams are just dreams, they are fantasies 
So quickly boy, bring yourself back to reality 
No ones trying to undermine or disparage
Its just your duty
Your duty after a miscarriage

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