In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

I might be cheating as I have inserted 3 pics which best describes change to me.

Although the following pics make me a liar, change to me isn’t simply visual, nor is it spiritual or just affects the senses. No, to me change is about how I feel – it’s emotional, its raw and undiluted. It cannot be defined via science, mathematics or geography, or by smell or taste. Change is about our feelings reacting to external stimuli  and influences.

I hope that makes sense. Anyway here’s 3 photos of my lovely wife Kate.

Picture One – Our wedding day: – I cant even begin to tell you how I felt, but imagine serenity on a tropical island (we were married in Rarotonga) intersecting with a little boy who had just inherited a lolly factory.

Picture Two – Half day release from hospital: Kate became very ill and we nearly lost her, she has required hospitalization a number of times. Ask me how I feel, how I felt about that time? Well you could drive a bus through my heart and you still wouldn’t have touched the sides. Hollow and empty.

Picture Three: Kate back to health, felling well and having fun: How do i feel about this time and about Kate? Relief, pride and satisfaction,but laced with this is a tinge of loneliness, a tinge of isolation and remoteness. Tired and left behind.

Do I feel the same way about Kate that I did in Picture One – no, not at all, but I still love Kate greatly, but the love is different, it has changed.


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