Neglect and abuse – they’re coming to take me away!

In NZ we have an agency for the protection of animals against cruelty. It is of course the SPCA which is active in almost every country.

They do good work, excellent work, and have saved many neglected and abused animals.

I’m a good person, a lovely person, and I have never ever deliberately harmed an animal in my life. My friends laugh at me because I catch and release most fish I catch!

catch and release

Back in the 1980’s my friends used to travel to the McKenzie Country and do their bit to cull the exploding rabbit population. This was in the time before Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease was introduced to reduce the rabbit population. The rabbit population was such that you could easily bag 50 rabbits a nights. Everyone of them staring wild eyed at the spotlight before being blown away with a .22. Now these rabbits needed to go, no question about it, they were out of control and devastating the landscape. However, while my friends were bagging dozens of rabbits, I was caught shooting up into the air. I was only ever asked once to go on one of these trips.

mckenzie countryrabbits

We have a pet cat Izzy, she is partially deaf, and generally scared of men. She was a rescue cat we obtained from the SPCA. She is a lovely gentle tortoiseshell cat  who thinks she is my daughter Maddie’s elder sister. Izzy dotes on Maddie, she follows her around, she sleeps with her and  when Maddie is upset she will come and comfort her. I love her unconditionally, as does Maddie, but I love her even more for being such a good friend to Maddie.

IMG_0347[1]  IMG_0345[1]

Last night in bed I started to examine the relationship between humans and animals. For example, would I force Izzy to endure?

  • A distinct lack of sleep which goes on for months
  • Force feed her a diet of carbs and sugars and excessive calories
  • Make her drink far too much alcohol on a regular basis
  • Not allow her to stretch, walk or exercise

No, I wouldn’t and nor would any decent person. Then why do I do it to myself, and why do other humans do it to themselves?

Aren’t we supposed to be the intelligent species?

Please someone ring the SPCA and take me away from myself, there is a serious case of neglect and abuse which needs to be stopped.

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