The best barber shop in town

Kate’s been complaining for weeks that I needed haircut.

‘You getting your haircut today,’ she would ask over a quick breakfast?

‘You getting your haircut tomorrow then,’ she would ask over our evening family dinner?

‘When are you getting your haircut,’ she would ask in exasperation during the weekends?

Now people will tell you I’m stubborn. But, no I’m not – I just like to do things in my own time, and in my own way.

The truth be known, I was simply waiting for the perfect day to get my latest do.

Today was that perfect day.


So without fuss, without any grumble I pronounced that the time was right, that the day was perfect and I made my way willingly to the best barber shop in town.

The front deck!

‘How would Sir like it,’ Kate asked obligingly?’

‘6 on top, 2 back and sides, please.’

Maddie my daughter and her friend Sally giggled as they took part in the ceremony, each of them laughing loudly as they ploughed the electric razor through my graying long curly locks. My woolly mop was soon transformed into a stylish, sculptured haircut and I imagined I looked like Cory Jane.

cory jane

Finished, I jumped up and checked out the mirror, Cory Jane I was not – but I smiled none the less – and I will certainly be returning to the best barber shop in town, but only when the day is right of course!


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