Feisty Women

Today’s Blog is not about North Korea, its rogue nation status, its oppressive regime nor despot leader Kim Jong Un.

Today’s blog is about women.

Now, I have met and known many feisty women in my time, just as I have known some feisty men.

However, I have always found the combination of femininity and aggression a very intriguing and attractive characteristic.

Don’t get me wrong,I could never live with someone whom I am constantly sparring with, but the thought of it is strangely appealing – even sexy.

A North Korean soldier patrols the bank of the Yalu River, which separates the North Korean town of Sinuiju from the Chinese border town of Dandong, on Saturday, April 26.

There is danger in conflict, there is excitement, it tingles the nerves and jolts the senses. To win in conflict you need to be on the top of you game. Conflict escalates communication to another level.

Let’s be honest – how many of you have had a play fight or wrestle with your partner? And for those who did, how many found it stimulating and erotic? I have, and found it so, although admittedly its not much fun if you get cramp or a bloody nose.

Violence in any form is unacceptable at any level, so I am not suggesting that you should call over your partner and plant a five knuckle kiss on their lips. But play fighting seems to me to invoke the innocence of child hood memories with the pleasures of adult knowing. It is naughty but nice.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meets with North Korea's first female fighter jet pilots in this undated photo released by the country's state media on Monday, June 22. He called the women

Women can do and do do everything. Therefore, it is no surprise that Kim Jong Un and North Korea have no hesitation in having women pilot their jet fighters, patrol their borders or storm troop in their assault brigades.

All I can say in response to that, is that I am very pleased that some of the feisty women I have met over the years, did not have access to machine guns or jet fighters!

However, that being said would it be such a terrible thing to be arrested or man handled by the following beautiful women?

(apologies – I am but a man)

Kia Ora



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