Chinese Whispers Competition

competition chinese whispers

Today I started what I intended to be a 1500 word short story. Alas, I only managed to put down 200 words before another coughing fit took hold – please refer to my blog post from last week. from my sick desk. 

Unfortunately, my health has deteriorated further, to the point where I have had to take two days off work this week! Not happy.

Anyway, I thought than rather than struggle on tonight, I might see if anyone is interested in contributing the next 200 words.

All you need to do is pick up on the story below, from where I’ve left off.

In terms of a prize, I am happy to re-blog 5 of your blogs and re-tweet (and favourite 5 of your tweets). All entries will win – but the winner (my judgement only) will also get their 200 words added to our short story. This story will be posted once completed.

And of course, everyone is still a winner as my free E-Book offer for The Cry of the Kuaka stands until the end of May – Just click the following link.

Please also let me know what you think of this competition and whether the rest of the story should be completed in this way?

Kia Ora – Roly


The Wheels on the bus.

It didn’t take long to be picked up. I’d only been standing on the gravel berm for ten minutes when a grey Mitsubishi Minivan pulled in after seeing my outstretched thumb. The frost had settled just before dawn, and now running toward the Van’s open sliding door, my breath emitted plumes of steamy vapor all around and about my head.

‘Gidday,’ the driver said from the wound down front passenger seat window, ‘where you going?’

‘Blenheim, I answered, you going all the way?’

The driver smiled and laughed, ‘of course mate – jump in.’

I looked up into the van. There were two other people in the Van, both sitting in the back, leaving the other two rows of seats and the front passenger seat empty. By the time I’d registered that that was a bit weird, I was already seated and doing up my seat belt.

The driver took off skidding on the gravel as he raced back onto the highway.

‘So where are you going,’ I asked now with some degree of caution?

The two at the back said nothing, smiling silently. The driver looked into his rear view mirror, smiled again, ‘Blenheim mate – same as you.’


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