Musings from my sick desk

Man flu – Hypochondria – Sook!


Everyone gets sick from time to time, Man, Woman or child. And even supermen like me.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I get sick – really sick – I get intolerably cranky – and even more stubborn than my usual self.

But I don’t complain, never have, and never will! I am a person who suffers in silence.

However, according to what I have read and heard, evidently men are the world’s worst patients, that they are the world’s worst whingers; notorious for not listening and doing what’s best for them.

Even now my wife Kate is giving me daggers and evils because I won’t go to bed. Yesterday, it was the same but more verbal.

‘Roly, go to the doctors, I’m sick of you coughing up your lungs all around the house!’

You see for the last 5 weeks I’ve been living with a stonking head cold, but did I take time off work?


Did I ever complain? No!

Then, when I developed a hacking cough two weeks ago – did I complain or whinge, did I take time off work?


Yesterday, for whatever reason:

  • Could it have been the way I was feeling?
  •  Could it have been Kate’s constant concern? (I know it was concern – but most men have filters on their ears which usually makes ‘concern’ sound like nagging).

Well anyway, yesterday I went to the Doctors, and guess what – I have a secondary infection – a chest infection – this being a direct result of my initial cold. Evidently I should have taken better care of myself – taken some time off. The GP was lovely, very kind and caring, and I wondered when she was shaking her head in amazement that I had not taken time off, whether she had had similar conversations with her husband in the past.

So please don’t tell me I have Man Flu, and please don’t tell me I’m a hypochondriac or a sook.

You have however, every right to call me stupid!

But what the heck I’m a man.


Anyway, I’m not feeling very well and I’ll think I’ll go to bed now – not before thanking Kate on how well she cares for me and how much I love her. And how at 11.00 o’clock I want her to bring me a cup of tea.

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